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Lenny : Did you hear squealing? Bobilly: Yeah it was probably Danny Boy. Danny Boy Old Danny Boy is some one who at a young age aspires to be a wise old man.

Everyone has a Danny Boy in their life. He will most likely be a registered sex offender for intimate relations with a young girl. When Danny Boy is ever called out on his bullshit or outsmarted, he responds with an irrelevant and absurd statement. Example:1 Friend: Danny Boy have you ever driven a truck.

Danny Boy: Yeah I have!

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Ive driven an f Cummings. Friend: Danny Boy Ford does not use Cummings engines. Danny Boy: You want me to rip the foreskin off your dick and feed it to you. Bartender: You're not having anything, you are clearly not Danny Boy: I'm going to bend you over and take you down to brown town.

Bartender: Excuse me. Danny Boy: you heard me right, brown town. You don't give a man a prostate exam without using butter. Ikmkb Full Send PKMKB Yaoi paddle Faith Hilling September 25 Chelsea Tractor No Vaseline CP1 Dogfish White people stole my car Taylor Swifting Ruizing Pancake Nipples. And if you think you're already a pro and know all there is to know about Danny Boy, especially its lyrics, why not try out our "Danny Boy" quiz?


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