Progress in Medical Radiation Physics

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In the same way as one finds departments of Medical Physics in large hospitals in almost all developed countries, the Department of Medical Physics provides a service in the;.

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At these hospitals, physicists work in close co-operation with their medical colleagues on various clinical applications which have to do with the immediate diagnosis or treatment of the patient and on the other hand, with research aimed at achieving a better understanding of the nature and extent of a specific disease. The three most important departments in which we, as medical physicists work in are;.

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Who is the Department of Medical Physics? The Role of Medical Physics The mission of the Department of Medical Physics is to apply physics in medicine to improve the quality of health care provided to the community. History of Medical Physics History illustrates numerous examples of the close relationship between physics and medicine.

Medical Physics in the Community In the same way as one finds departments of Medical Physics in large hospitals in almost all developed countries, the Department of Medical Physics provides a service in the; Universitas, Pelonomi, and National Hospital. The three most important departments in which we, as medical physicists work in are; Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine, and Diagnostic Radiology.

Quick Links About. Its aim is to setup and coordinate a multidisciplinary network to develop synchrotron radiotherapy and radiosurgery techniques to treat brain tumours and other diseases of the central nervous system. In particular the following topics are studied: Patient skin dosimetry with Gafchromic films, Developments in patient dosimetry for patient dose optimization and risk estimations in Interventional Radiology and CT, Eye lens dosimetry for medical staff.

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Calibration of dosemeter and radiation monitors. Spanish ministry of Health ref.


FIS Josep Sempau The project aims at developing automated software tools that allow simple and fast Monte Carlo simulation of a wide range of clinical linear accelerators linacs currently available in the market for radiotherapy treatments. Duch The aim is to determine the dose to the skin for external RT. Skin dose distributions for standard techniques will be compared with those for IMRT.

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The accuracy of the dose calculation in this region using different algorithms as implemented in treatment planning systems will also be studied. An accurate determination of the skin dose, either experimentally or with the aid of computational tools such as Monte Carlo simulation, is important both for using realistic dose-surface or dose-volume constraints in dose optimisation engines for IMRT and, also, to allow accurate predictions of toxicity during treatment, and therefore design strategies to minimize it.

Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear ref. J Operational implications of the implemantation of the new dose limit.

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Optimization of individual dosimetry. UE FP7 ref. Physics, numerical methods, and applications. FIS In situ measurements in several selected medical sites.

Progress In Medical Radiation Physics

PhD Student Thesis title. Hamza Benmakhlouf Characterization of ionisation chambers used for small fields in external radiation therapy. Miguel L. Sara Principi Development of methodologies for estimating the dose to the eye lens. Doctoral theses defended in the last five years. Thesis title Author Name. Development of Monte Carlo and dosimetric techniques for the absorbed dose assessment in the presence of tissue heterogeneities in radiotherapy.