The End of Modern History in the Middle East

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Non state actors have been clamouring to secure them as well — convinced by the utility of hard-to-detect, dispensable flying toys to be used as weapons of war. The Israeli military is armed with the latest fast jets and precision weaponry, yet it has turned to its fleet of drones to hit targets in Syria. Deniability has played a big factor — the ability of drones to elude radar and therefore keep targets guessing about who actually bombed them is playing well for Israeli leaders who are trying to prevent an increasingly lethal shadow war with Iran from developing into an open conflict.

Iran too has cottoned on to the strengths of its foes, ramping up its fleet of drones, both the off-the-shelf variety and the cutting edge military version — a key component of which was reverse engineered from a US drone it brought to the ground four years ago.

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Iranian proxies have increasingly used variants passed on to them by Tehran. It can be frustrating to hear so many historical names and places mispronounced. There is fairly accurate and the delivery is more practical than entertaining, but the mispronunciation leads me to believe Hurst has done a lot of reading but never engaged any actual experts on the subject matter. Apple Podcasts Preview. Show 8 More Episodes. Customer Reviews See All. Revisionist History. Pushkin Industries. This American Life.

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